Romney gave an excellent performance in the first debate. Like Johnny Depp, he was unrecognizable from all of his other performances.

So Mitt Romney is saying it’s fine for your state govt to require you to have health insurance, but socialism for the federal govt to require it

Mitt Romney needs to listen to a few Mitt Romney speeches to decide what he does and does not advocate

It was Ken Duberstein, Reagan’s last chief of staff, who said in 2008, “the right wing never wants to be satisfied; they are professional whiners. They are never happy. So don’t kill yourself trying.” The past four years has shown just how right he was. (Time, 11-17-2008, p. 83)

If you didn’t stand up for the free-speech rights of the Dixie Chicks, then why are you standing up for the free-speech rights of anti-Muslim bigots, Mr. Romney?

Memo to Mitt: Playing politics with the murder of American diplomats is unworthy of anyone who would be president

Translating Republican rhetoric into English: “Compromise” = Do it Grover Norquist’s way. “Excuses” = Facts. “Blame” = Remembering how Republican ideology created this mess. “All Americans” = The superrich (as in “Lower taxes on all Americans, not just 98%”)

There is no question the country is better off now than when Pres. Obama took office. When was the last time you heard economists warning of an impending depression? About four years ago.

Omni-Romney. He’s everywhere: moderate, conservative, extreme conservative–wherever he thinks he can find votes today.

Republican leaders call us “tax-and-spend liberals” to distinguish us from spend-and-spend conservatives.

For over three decades, Republicans have been singing the same song about “less government.” For most of that time, they’ve been running the government. So why has it always gotten bigger on their watch?

Mitt Romney deserves a lot of credit for pioneering health-insurance reform in Massachusetts

President Obama wakes up every morning obsessed with how he can help America prosper. Mitt Romney wakes up every morning obsessed with how he can become president.

Paul Ryan’s budget proposal would be Vioxx for the economy: Promising pain relief while delivering a heart attack.

The best way to support our troops is to send them only on worthy missions in the first place.